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Optimal neighborhood
layout maximizes our unique
climate and environment; highest solar gains in winter; lowest sun exposure in summer; maximum water retention during heavy rains.



Our collection of
townhomes, paired homes, and single family homes offers the ultimate in
green, sustainable living.


Dream Finders Homes will offer a brand new floorplan lineup that features blown-in insulation; tankless water heaters; drought
tolerant landscaping; & electric vehicle charging.

Dream Finders Homes is excited to partner at The Geos Neighborhood in beautiful Arvada, CO. This mixed use, sustainably-minded community is centered on leaving a smaller environmental footprint, featuring environmentally conscious options and energy-efficient materials.  Geos is envisioned to foster community throughout the neighborhood.  This starts with an intimate village layout offering walkable streets, and a nesting of neighborhoods connected by pathways, parks, and community places. At Geos, neighbors can live, work, play, raise kids, grow food, and grow old together! 

The Geos Neighborhood combines traditional neighborhood living with the most advanced sustainable design and building practices. Community members enjoy a pedestrian lifestyle with front porches, tree-lined sidewalks, and community gardens.
The Geos Neighborhood was laid out to optimally use the unique Colorado climate and environment: highest solar gains for the winter, lowest sun exposure for the summer, and maximum water retention for the heavy rains. Binding it all together are outdoor settings and community-oriented activities, for all residents, as they live out their lives.