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Purl Homes

At H&H Homes, we offer a variety of diverse floorplans, home arrangements, and personalization plans – and we are also here to make the moving and home purchase process as simple and free of obstacles as possible. For homebuyers looking to simplify the selection process, expedite purchasing and get comfortably situated in a fully equipped H&H Home without any fuss, we recommend considering our PURL series.

PURL homes are ideal for a variety of different types of homebuyers. Are you looking for a starter home? Do you need to make feature selections quickly and efficiently? Are you downsizing? Do you want to purchase a new home with as little fuss as possible? In each of these scenarios, H&H Homes’ PURL series is your answer. Why are PURL homes ideal for so many homebuyers? The idea with our PURL series is that your selections are practically made for you with pre-packaged, thoughtfully selected features.

Have you heard friends and advisors tell you to choose a home you can afford? There is a clear reason why PURL homes are suitable for many customers – the price is right. For homebuyers seeking to make their first investment and begin accruing equity in a property, a less expensive starter home is the way to go. With a real estate market that can be difficult to predict, a starter home is a smart way to get a foot in the door to homebuying. Equity is built up through the ownership that comes with monthly mortgage payments. If your starter home is not your long-term dream home, you have the option of cashing out on your equity (a.k.a. selling your starter home) when the conditions in your personal finances and the market are ripe. PURL homes are an excellent choice for homebuyers who put practicality first – your first home is a good investment if it mirrors your budget. PURL homes make it easier to find a budget-friendly option.


If speed and efficiency are important to you in the home buying process, PURL homes are worth considering. The purchase and selection processes are pared down for simplicity and convenience. Instead of sorting through dozens of selection options and visiting work-in-progress construction sites, PURL customers are given the flexibility to make decisions about cabinets, countertops, paint colors and doors during an initial model home visit or one-time consultation with a Real Estate Agent.

Does a home under $300,000 sound more reasonable to you than what you see elsewhere on the market? In addition to homebuyers on the market for a starter home, those who are preparing to downsize can find a significantly more approachable price point with a PURL home. Plus, knowing that you can find a PURL home deal in communities that are conveniently located to the things that matter most to your lifestyle – such as Woodmark at Harris Place in Fayetteville, NC or Cane Garden Village near Wilmington, NC offers you more than the comforts of the great indoors. Making sure that your home will continue to serve your needs and set you up with necessary conveniences for many years to come is a crucial way to plan ahead.

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