How Is The Job Market for Wilmington, NC Employment?

How Is The Job Market for Wilmington, NC Employment?

A big part of moving to a new city or state is seeking new employment. Sometimes, people will even move because of a new job or they want to start their own business. Either way, it’s important to consider the job market when deciding where to go. North Carolina hosts an array of great cities that offer thriving, growing, energetic centers of opportunity, commerce, and progress, and Wilmington is among the top. It’s not only a great place to live overall, but within the North Carolina job market, it’s on par with that of other major NC cities, like Raleigh. Read on to learn about the Wilmington, NC jobs, including industries, employers, and programs available for entrepreneurs.


The Top Industries & Employers in Wilmington

According to the North Carolina Department of Commerce, key industries in the region include information technology, aerospace and defense, food processing and manufacturing, and more. These sectors not only offer a wide array of job opportunities but also contribute to the overall growth of the city.
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Information Technology

This industry includes the research, development, or distribution of technologically based goods and services. Things like software, hardware or semiconductor equipment, and anything related to the internet. Major employers include:


Aerospace & Defense

North Carolina is known in history as the state where we first took flight. You’ll find many options for Wilmington, NC employment in this industry. This industry builds aircraft, ships, spacecraft, weapon systems, and defense equipment. Major employers include:

Honda Jet
GE Aviation
Lockheed Martin

Food Processing & Manufacturing

The food processing and manufacturing industry supports everything from sourcing and processing to manufacturing and distribution of foods for consumption. Major industries include:


Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

While biotechnology uses living organisms, pharmaceuticals typically use chemicals to produce medicines that help people and animals. North Carolina has the largest research park in the nation with research universities attracting large companies in this industry. Major employers include:

Novo Nordisk

Automotive, Truck & Heavy Machinery

In North Carolina, this industry has grown 25% in the last five years. From production to maintenance and more, this industry covers motor vehicles and employs thousands of residents in Wilmington. Major employers include:


If you’re aspiring to start your own business, moving to Wilmington, NC will prove to be beneficial with the many thriving industries and available programs. Wilmington offers a diverse range of industries in which you can grow your business, from fiber optics, foods, and aircraft engines to pharmaceuticals and advanced manufacturing. With a highly educated workforce, grade-A office spaces, and ample ways to transport goods, it’s an ideal location to start your business. Not to mention there are incentive programs for new and existing businesses including local programs like the Christina Gateway Tax Incentive Program, Head Tax, Enterprise Zone, and Blue Collar Tax Program.
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Living in Wilmington, NC Has Never Been Better!

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