How to Make a Statement in Your New Home with an Accent Wall

Do you want to add some character to a room in your house? Or, bring a room’s design together that’s lacking a little originality? Adding accent walls can be a great way to elevate a room’s design. Sarah Richardson, Good Housekeeping’s Design Director, gave a piece of advice to her readers, “Focus on the wall your eye goes to first when you enter the room – in most cases, that’s the best pick.” This is a helpful way to choose where your accent wall should go, but how can you choose its style or color? We’ll dive into a few of our favorite accent walls from our model homes and hopefully provide a little inspiration and insight for your next home project.  

Versatile Trim
Many homeowners believe an accent wall should only be in the living room area, but in reality, an accent wall can make a statement in a home office or any extra space you have. Adding three-dimensional trim to your accent wall provides a dynamic, textual effect that will draw any wandering eye to the focal point of your space. This style can come in many forms and colors, while also mixing patterns or adding a piece of art to the wall.  

All Natural
One of our favorite trends this year is the use of all-natural reclaimed wood planks for any DIY project. In particular, we love using reclaimed wood planks for an accent wall in new homes. This trend brings a cozy, warm environment to any room while inviting the use of greenery in the forms of plotted indoor plants. An accent wall by your front door could sometimes be the wrong place for it, but when it’s done like this one in our Summit model in Colorado, it’s so right. Adding shelving to your wood plank accent wall enables you to hoist photos for your family and friends to admire.   Another excellent use of reclaimed wood plank for an accent wall could be for a mudroom in your home. This area of your home is a smaller one but we always find it cozy. Warming up a mudroom with chevron patterned reclaimed wood plank is a fantastic way to showcase an all-natural look.
Shiplap Panel Walls
Shiplap panels create a rustic, aged visual texture that adds character to any accent wall. Using these panels creates a polished focal point and can set the theme of any room you decide to use them in. These panels are versatile. You can place them horizontally on your accent wall to enhance the feel of the space in the room, or you could use them vertically depending on the effect you’re going for. Our Summit model in Colorado uses shiplap paneling against the wall to host the two beds. This introduces a rustic, industrial presence to this children’s room while highlighting the décor perfectly. On the other hand, our Mableton model in St. Augustine, FL uses blue painted shiplap paneling to create a coastal, rustic feel to this home office.  

Wallpaper & Paint
While many homeowners may stray away from wallpaper in their home and gravitate towards paint, both create excellent accent walls when done correctly. For instance, using wallpaper is a fun, easy way to shape the tone in a guest or children’ bedroom. Make sure the décor pairs well with the wallpaper you choose so everything looks cohesive. This bedroom in our Beacon Lake community in St. Augustine, FL, creates a light and fun essence by using the floral wallpaper as the focal point of the room. This wallpaper pairs perfectly with the décor and bed frame creating a room ideal for any teenage girl. It’s all about placement and style when it comes to creating an accent wall in your new home. So while wallpaper may be a great idea in bedrooms or a home office, choosing a solid base color for an accent wall in main parts of your home may be best. The navy color in this dining room is placed as the backdrop of the dining room table to establish a cozy, sophisticated look.      

A personal favorite of ours is the use of painted brick as an accent wall. While this may not be done as often, when done correctly it adds instant character to any room. The exposed brick in this wet bar adds a trendy, modern aspect that all of your guests will be raving about.   When buying a home, consider the interior design aspect of each room. Accent walls are a perfect way to add character to a home while creating the ambiance you’re trying to create. Think about the rooms in your new home and the style you are trying to encompass. Then, make sure the placement of your accent wall will highlight the room in a positive way. When you’re ready to start building your dream home with amazing accent walls, contact us. We can’t wait to help you build the home of your dreams!

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