Moving to Orlando? Here's What You Need to Know

Moving to Orlando? Here's What You Need to Know

If you're thinking of moving to Orlando, you'll be joining the 1,000+ new residents a week who are making the move to this thriving, sunny, popular metropolis. With a strong economy, great job opportunities, no state income tax, mild year-round weather, close proximity to beaches, and some of the world's biggest attractions, it's so easy to see the appeal. Depending on where you’re moving from, living in Orlando may require an adjustment, so we've compiled a list of things to know to prepare for your big move.   

Tips for Moving to Orlando, FL

  Research the Neighborhoods - The Metro Orlando area has 2.6 million residents, and the neighborhoods are just as varied as the people who live here. You may prefer a walkable community that's full of energy, or a quiet, tree-lined suburb. Whatever lifestyle you're looking for, Orlando has a neighborhood to match. Here are a few to consider:     The Schools are Great - If you are moving with children, you'll be happy to know that the Orange County Public Schools, which serve Orlando, have highly rated and academically rigorous elementary, middle, and high schools.   Avoid Orlando Traffic - The highways in Orlando can get congested due to all the theme parks in the area, and normal rush hours don't always apply. Do yourself a favor and learn the traffic patterns for your part of town and wherever you have to go each day. If you work in the vicinity of a theme park, you'll want to pay attention to peak park seasons (like summers and holidays), and adjust your route accordingly.   Take Advantage of Theme Parks - You're moving to Orlando — theme parks will become a way of life! Residents often get deeper than normal discounts, so be sure to ask the next time you're headed out for a day of fun.    Discover Other Activities - Simply put, you'll never be bored living in Orlando. For the times when you're not enjoying the theme parks, there are countless other events, festivals, and activities to explore. The Florida Film Festival, Jungle Adventures, the East End Market, Orlando Science Center, and a host of museums are just a few.    Give Yourself 3 Weeks - That's how long experts say it takes to acclimate to a tropical climate. If you move in any season other than winter, be sure to stay hydrated, don't stay outside in the direct sun for too long, and take frequent rest breaks during the moving process.    Get Used to Life Outdoors - Once you're acclimated, get ready to have some serious outdoor fun. From state parks to beaches, from golfing to boating, there is no shortage of outdoor recreation. With an average of 233 sunny days per year, you'll want to spend as many of them as possible outside.     

More Moving Tips

  Explore - One of the best things about a new hometown is finding the local spots you will love to frequent in your daily life, from the coffee shop down the street to the ice cream place you will enjoy with your kids. When you are all settled into your home, take some time to drive around town! Pop into the stores you see, try an interesting-looking restaurant, and get acclimated to the streets you will soon know like the back of your hand.   Enjoy a Family Outing - With all of the new places to explore, it is always helpful to do some research online. Search for parks and trails near your home where you can spend an afternoon relaxing in the great outdoors with your kids. You can also search for fun attractions like shopping centers or museums for a family outing. Set aside a day to spend quality time together — this will help everyone feel comfortable and get excited about your new hometown.     Meet Your Neighbors - It goes without saying that your neighbors are part of what makes your daily routine so special. As you go for a walk around your neighborhood, make sure to say hello to new faces and introduce yourself. Let your neighbors know that you are new to the community, and ask for recommendations on where to eat or relax around town. Consider inviting new friends over for a backyard get-together!   Join a Club - If you enjoy organized activities with other people, you will love joining a club or taking a new class. Take a look at the local library, a museum, a public garden, or an art center — there are bound to be art classes, book clubs, and more to enjoy. Another great way to meet people is to join a gym and take fitness classes. This will also help you get settled into a routine and enjoy the company of others who live close by.    Need more tips on moving to Orlando or buying a new home here? Contact us — we’d love to help!

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