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Why is North Carolina Right for You?

New Homes for Sale in North Carolina Moving to a new home involves important decisions and research – after all, the shape of your life revolves around the style, size, and location of your home. You can make a safe bet on your life transition when you choose North Carolina. The Tar Heel state – named for the people who produced tar for wooden ships centuries ago – is a promising choice for homebuyers seeking stable, comfortable lifestyles. In many ways, North Carolina is having a Renaissance – culturally and economically. There has never been a better time to explore new homes and communities throughout the state. Here are our top 5 reasons to consider the many ways in which North Carolina is right for you: 1. Southern Hospitality North Carolina has a charming Southern heart. Neighbors are friendly, curious and good-natured, and you can rely on frequent barbecues, prepared with local expertise and secret sauce. North Carolina’s moderate climate and easy access to the coast has been a draw for easygoing, neighborly folks for generations. Families from all over the country are descending upon the state – in recent years, we have enjoyed a steady growth in population and diversity. Neighborliness and good food will take on different flavors and styles throughout North Carolina. Eastern North Carolina is a coastal zone that shares in the cultural Southern-ness of neighboring states, where farming made the land a rich resource and plantation owners once amassed great wealth. The western side of the state has a markedly different culture – Appalachian life is typically rustic and rural, with deep roots in folk and bluegrass music. Western North Carolina also has a strong focus on craft culture – artisans have an active craft community focusing on beautiful, finely made objects including ceramics, woodwork, metalwork, and textiles. In addition, you can count on building a community around sports fandom. Basketball, in particular, is a hot topic throughout North Carolina – the University of North Carolina and Duke have a very famous rivalry. Whether you support the Tar Heels or the Blue Devils, your social standing may well rest on which team you choose to get behind! 2. A Thriving Job Market The era of tar-heeling is long gone – these days North Carolina is thriving economically for knowledge-related work and business. While its roots are in agriculture, most of the work in North Carolina’s major cities happens in offices. With the influx of new people to North Carolina, there is a steady variety of jobs across sectors throughout the state. The job market is particularly thriving in technology, higher education and business – which makes sense, given that some of the state’s biggest employers are IBM, WakeMed Health & Hospitals and Cisco. Research Triangle Park, near Raleigh, is associated with the region’s three main universities - Duke University, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University. This 7,000-acre giant provides full-time jobs to roughly 40,000 residents – which makes it an enormous economic boon to the area. Meanwhile in Charlotte, job seekers interested in a banking career will find the second largest banking hub in the US, with major employers such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America. 3. Enchanting Nature Mountains? Beaches? Forests? Waterfalls? North Carolina has it all. Great Smoky Mountain National Park is famously the most-visited National Park in the country and is just one part of the legendary Smoky Mountains. Hiking, camping and exploring through nature are frequent pastimes for Tar Heelers. There are 50,000 acres of wilderness to explore in Uwharrie National Forest, as well as the tallest, most majestic waterfall on all of the Eastern Seaboard at Whitewater Falls. Or if you prefer to experience the Great Outdoors from the comfort of your car, Blue Ridge Parkway is for you. This 469 miles of expansive views and tree-lined landscapes is not to be missed – especially in autumn. Ocean lovers will not be disappointed by the beautiful stretches of coast along the Outer Banks, where 130 miles of beach offer endless waterside walks, seaside recreation, lazy long weekend destinations and adventure hot spots like shipwrecks. Emerald Isle’s calm waters in the easy sound, making it very family-friendly. Whether you fancy mountains, beach or a bit of both, natural wonders in North Carolina are calling. 4. Prolific Arts and Culture North Carolina is absolutely brimming with arts and culture to explore. Biltmore estate, for instance, is the largest house in the United States. This castle of a house was once owned by the Vanderbilt family and currently serves as a historic house and museum. Thalian Hall in Wilmington is a state of the art performing arts hub and is one of the oldest venues in the country. Operating continuously since 1858, it is home to recitals, theatrical performances, music, dance, film festivals and more. A weekend trip to Asheville may lure you into the incredible Asheville Art Museum, which is dedicated to showcasing and collecting fine art that represents the southeast as well as giving a spotlight to emerging artists. Exploring their 8,000+ artworks is an essential way to understand the role art plays in North Carolina’s history and DNA. Or take a turn for the folksy by traveling through the Blue Ridge Music Trails. Stringband, Ballad Singing, and Bluegrass are rooted in the western area of North Carolina and have given life to specialized forms of folk dance, celebration and festivals. 5. Promising Higher Education Not only is higher education one of the major employers in North Carolina – it is equally a draw to the region because it adds an important layer of intellectual expansion and a spirit of creative learning that is instilled in the culture of the state. Families can create tangible enthusiasm around the school and educational opportunities for kids at an early age – and students’ hard work can pay off with admission to a high caliber university such as Duke University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Wake Forest University and many others. Over the course of the past 28 years, H&H Homes has built over eight thousand new homes. We are dedicated to providing structurally superior, highly energy-efficient new homes at a tremendous value. Call us at 910-486-4864 or visit our website today to find out more about the many advantages of an H&H Home!

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