Backyard movie night in the summer

Summertime Backyard Activities The Whole Family Will Love

White water rafting and kayaking are some of the most popular things to do in Colorado every summer thanks to the many rivers and streams located throughout the state. But rafting isn’t the only water-based entertainment to enjoy with family and friends. Keep reading for some backyard fun for children of all ages!  

Backyard Activities for Kids

  Chances are your kids spend more time than you’d like indoors playing on mobile devices. It's time to switch that up. Here are some fun backyard activity ideas to get them outside this summer.   Slip 'N Slide   Slip 'N Slides are a summer classic for a reason - they're super fun! Buy one at your local store or make your own with a tarp, some dish soap, and water. Set up your sprinkler or a garden hose and use your body as a raft to swoop across your backyard!   Giant Bubbles   Kids love chasing bubbles, so why not up the ante and make giant ones? All you need is dish soap, sugar, water, and a hula hoop. Check out online tutorials to see how it's done.   Water Balloon Target Practice   This activity is perfect for hot summer days. Fill up some water balloons and set up a target; your kids will have a blast trying to hit it. You could also set up water balloon pinatas as a fun alternative. Let that water splash down on them to retrieve the candy!    Set Up an Obstacle Course   Using everyday household items like outdoor pillows, hula hoops, and garden gnomes, you can create an obstacle course right in your backyard. Who will clear the course in the fastest time?  

Backyard activities for adults

  Just because you're not a kid anymore doesn't mean you can't have fun in the summertime. There are plenty of backyard activities for adults to enjoy as well.   Backyard movie night in the summer   DIY Lawn Twister   This is a “twist” on the classic game we all know and love. Get some colored outdoor pillows or use a patchwork quilt to make a giant Twister board right on your lawn. Then invite some friends over and see who comes out victorious.   Outdoor Movie Night   Nothing says summer like an outdoor movie night. Set up a projector and screen (or just use a white bedsheet) in your backyard and invite your friends over for a showing of your favorite film. Don't forget the popcorn!   Stargazing   On clear summer nights in Colorado, there's nothing more relaxing than lying on the grass and staring up at the stars. See if you can spot constellations or shooting stars. It's the perfect way to unwind after a long day.   More Backyard Fun   Replicate the beautiful Colorado landscape of rivers and lakes in your own backyard for endless fun this summer. This list of backyard water activities and games is just a starting point to spark your imagination.   Looking for your perfect Colorado home? Connect with us today to speed up your search and get on with your summer backyard activities.

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