Townhome or single-family home: Which one fits your lifestyle?

Townhome or single-family home: Which one fits your lifestyle?

When you’re thinking about your next home, there’s more to consider than location, square feet, number of bedrooms, and the color of the kitchen cabinets. You need a home that supports your lifestyle—that has what you want, where you want it, and without the things you don’t want. Consider the choice of a townhome or single-family home. Which one fits your lifestyle better?   Both a townhome and single-family home have their own unique advantages. Take a look so you can weigh your options and choose the best fit.  

The benefits of living in a townhome

  What is a townhome? It’s an attached, multi-story home. A building could be comprised of two or more units. If you have an end unit, your home is connected to your adjacent neighbor on one side. With a middle unit, you’ll share two walls, one on each side.   Buying a townhome doesn’t mean you have to go small. Many townhomes offer very generous square footage. In Northern Virginia, Dream Finders Homes has new townhomes for sale with 3,000 square feet and more!   Perhaps the biggest advantage of living in a townhome is the low maintenance. Your HOA fee covers the exterior care, like mowing and weeding your lawn, snow removal, and exterior painting. It’s a lock-and-leave lifestyle. A townhome is a great transition from renting to owning for a first-time homebuyer who isn’t ready to handle home maintenance.   When you choose to live in a townhome, it doesn’t mean you don’t have outdoor living space. It’s probably just smaller than what you get with a single-family home. You can still have a patio, lawn, and garden. And with a fenced-in space, you also enjoy the privacy you want.   Townhomes are designed for people who want to spend more free time doing what they want. So, you’ll often discover that the location of a townhome community is close to amenities, like shopping, dining, entertainment, and recreation.    Some people don’t want to deal with stairs. For them, a townhome probably isn’t the best choice. But if you like all the other benefits of living in a townhome, look for one with a first-floor owner’s suite. Save the upstairs rooms for kids, guests, or your occasional uses, like a hobby studio, playroom, or fitness room.    People who live in townhome communities often comment about its close-knit nature. Living in close proximity enables residents to get to know one another. An advantage of making friends in your neighborhood is the safety and security. People look out for each other. Neighbors see the comings and goings. They step in to help when it’s needed, like taking care of your pets or home while you’re away or tending to someone who’s sick. It’s so easy when you can walk to someone’s home instead of driving there.   One more thing! Property tax is based on the size of the land, so when buying a townhome, you have a lower property tax, because you have a smaller lot than with a single-family home.   Does a townhome sound like the right lifestyle for you? Dream Finders Homes is building townhome communities throughout Northern Virginia, in desirable locations and with the amenities you’re looking for!  

The benefits of living in a single-family home

  Does your vision of homeownership look like a house with a yard? The benefits of living in a single-family home appeal to many buyers.    First of all, if you want lots of space around you, a home with a yard is a must. Lots come in all sizes and you’ll have your pick of premium spots, like a corner lot, a cul-de-sac, a wooded surrounding, a great view, or just a bigger homesite. Decide what you’d prefer, but remember, the extras come at a higher price.   Whether you want a single-level, ranch-style home or a multi-story home, you have endless design choices when you decide on buying a single-family home. You probably gravitate to a particular architectural style, like Craftsman, Contemporary, Modern Farmhouse, or Traditional. For homebuyers who want their home to stand out, buying a single-family home is the right pick.   With that yard, you can create the outdoor living space you want—like a play area for the kids, a patio for entertaining, a large garden, and maybe a quiet sanctuary. When you’re falling in love with a yard, don’t forget that you will need to handle the upkeep.  

The home that fits your lifestyle

  Remember, you should never have to compromise the way you live because of WHERE you live. Your home is an extension of you, your family, and your lifestyle. Dream Finders Homes is in the business of helping people find their dream home. Talk to us when you’re ready to make your own dream a reality.

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