Why Buy a Quick Move-in Home? We’ve Got the Answer!

Why Buy a Quick Move-in Home? We’ve Got the Answer!

As a national home builder, Dream Finders Homes builds new construction homes across 8 states in over 20 different markets. With every home we build and every area we build in, we’re always considering the needs and wants of our customers. When life happens and you’re not able to wait, you can still move to a brand-new home without sacrificing quality. The answer is a quick move-in home. It will not only allow you to move in faster but there are also other benefits you may not be aware of. What is a quick move in home

What is a Quick Move-in Home?

  There are many options available when it comes to searching for a home. You could look for a resale home that was previously owned and lived in, but what if you’re looking for a brand new home that’s never been lived in? A new construction home will be the way to go. You might think the only way to have a new construction home is to build it from scratch, but there’s another option you’ll want to consider.   So, what is a quick move-in home? A quick move-in (QMI) home is a new construction home that is already in the process of being built or is fully completed. There are different names used for this type of home like spec, inventory, quick delivery, move-in ready, and several others. They’re a great option for anyone looking to have all of the benefits of a brand-new home without having to wait a long time for the home to be built. They can be move-in ready in as little as 30 days depending on what stage of construction they’re in. Dream Finders Homes typically has a few quick move-in homes built in all of our communities to have this option available for this type of customer.   You can rest assured that choosing a quick move-in home comes with many benefits. You’ll be able to move to a community you love and find a home you love faster. Quick move-in homes offer a solution to whatever reason you have for needing to make a quick move. Check out a few benefits below.  

The Benefits of New Quick Move-in Homes


Shorter Wait Period

You can probably guess by the name, but the timeline for completion on quick move-in homes is quicker. When you choose a to-be-built home or a home built from the ground up, it can take several months to complete whereas a quick move-in home can be completed in as little as 30 days. This will save you a large amount of time, which can be beneficial if you’re on a strict time schedule to move.  

Easy Relocating

Speaking of strict schedules, there are many reasons you may be needing to move quickly. Perhaps you found a new job that wants you to start soon, or you’re trying to get into your new home before the new school year or the holidays. Quick move-in homes can come in a variety of construction stages, so there’s almost always a home that fits your move-in timeframe. Plus, if you time it just right, you’ll still have time to pick your own features and finishes. Benefits of quick move in homes

Potential Pricing Advantages

Quick move-in homes come with some pretty great pricing advantages. If you have a set budget in mind, a quick move-in home typically comes with a set price, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs. There’s the benefit of locking in your mortgage rate sooner and saving on your monthly payments, so you can increase your buying power. Compared to resale homes, a quick move-in home allows you to avoid bidding wars. You can even take advantage of the great financial incentives often offered on these types of homes.  

Guaranteed Amazing Features & Finishes

Dream Finders is happy to offer expert guidance when it comes to choosing the features and finishes for your new home. With quick move-in homes, you can trust that our expert designers have pre-selected modern, on-trend features. You can be confident knowing your new home will be stylish and not have to worry about choosing between endless details. Quick move-in homes are often built from our most popular floor plans and include upgrades that may be extra with other builders. For instance, you can always expect energy-efficient features, upgraded kitchen appliances and cabinets, unique finishes, and smart home technology throughout our homes.  

Brand New Everything

In addition to a faster move, a quick move-in has never been lived in. You’ll be able to enjoy a brand new home that’s all yours. They’re equipped with all of the same high-quality building materials and systems you can expect in to-be-built homes. You’ll never have to sacrifice quality in new quick move-in homes. You can also benefit from walking through a quick move-in home before you buy. This lets you experience the floor plan and visualize what living in your new home will be like firsthand. Another great part of them being new is they’ll include a new home warranty to give you peace of mind long after purchasing.  

Take a Look at Our New Homes Today!

  With Dream Finders Homes’ years of experience, you really can’t go wrong with a to-be-built or quick move-in home. But if you just can’t wait to live the amazing lifestyles, take a look at our quick move-in homes throughout all of our locations. You will surely benefit from the quick and easy move-in timeframe, great pricing, and amazing features found in our quick move-in homes. Right now we have a great selection of homes to choose from, so take a look and connect with us soon to get started!   are quick move in homes better 1

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