5 Reasons You Should Consider Moving to Wilmington, NC Right Now!

5 Reasons You Should Consider Moving to Wilmington, NC Right Now!

There’s no doubt that North Carolina is one of the best places to live but what if you’re looking for the best places to live in North Carolina near the beach? Sure, there are many great cities and towns along the beautiful coast, but nothing beats the high-quality life you’ll experience in Wilmington, NC. Not only will you be close to beaches, but you’ll also enjoy a well-balanced mix of laid-back southern living and exciting modern amenities. The cost of living and housing isn’t too shabby either. In fact, Dream Finders Homes has several new home communities in and around Wilmington when you’re ready to make the move. But first, let’s learn a few more reasons why you should consider moving to Wilmington, NC.  

What’s So Amazing About Living in Wilmington, NC?

One Word: Beaches!

  Allow us to “dive” into one of the best reasons to move to Wilmington, the many beautiful beaches. You won’t have to travel too far to soak up the sun, feel the sand between your toes, and enjoy endless activities. Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, and Kure Beach are all less than 30 minutes away with their own unique personalities. There’s also a slew of other gorgeous Atlantic beaches to choose from. Learn to surf, catch some fish, walk the boardwalk, and so much more. Just don’t forget your sunscreen! We can’t forget the beautiful water views on the western side of Wilmington. The Cape Fear River offers another world of water to explore along with the fun Riverwalk that hugs the river. As an added bonus, living by water offers many psychological and physical benefits.  

Southern-Style Living & Culture At Its Finest

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You’ve undoubtedly heard of “southern hospitality”, but you haven’t truly experienced it until you come to Wilmington, NC. With all of the wonderful benefits of living here, it’s easy to understand why Wilmington residents are some of the happiest and friendliest people you’ll meet. Speaking of meeting people, there’s a large and diverse population here so you never have to worry about making friends who share your interests. History buff? Musician? Foodie? Golf enthusiast? All are welcome! Plus, with the wide range of things to do in Wilmington, NC it’ll be easy to find them. Between the endless outdoor recreation, historic downtown area, dozens of breweries, and year-round festivals and events, Wilmington has something for everyone. The lifestyle provides a great mix of relaxed southern-style living and vibrant big-city living. You can chill by the water and explore the rich history of the largest US historic district one day and then shop ‘til you drop and catch a live show by the boardwalk the next.  

From Brewed Coffee to Brewed Beer, The Food Scene Can’t Be Beat

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The food and beverage scene here is just as diverse as the culture. There is a fabulous selection of restaurants with cuisine options to fulfill everyone’s craving. Of course, being by the water, you can’t go wrong with seafood. But if you’re looking for something different you’ll be happy to know there are many other mouth-watering dining options that offer French, Latin, and Japanese-inspired meals (plus southern comfort cooking obviously). Check out the list of essential Wilmington restaurants on Eater Carolina’s website to see what entices your taste buds. Nothing beats a cold brew to quench your thirst, and we’re talking about brewed coffee and brewed beer here. The coffee shops in Wilmington offer delicious caffeine concoctions in addition to scrumptious goodies. We also have a cool and growing beer scene with about 18 breweries serving top-notch craft brews. Enjoy getting together with friends out on the patio or at the bar of Cape Fear Wine and Beer and Java Dog Coffee House.  

Cost of Living Is 4% Below the National Average

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You might think that with all of the incredible attributes the cost of living in Wilmington, NC would be quite high. Fortunately, it’s lower than the national average by 4% and lower than the state's capital of Raleigh by 6%. Moving here will let you enjoy a little bit of savings when it comes to groceries and housing. You’ll also be relieved to know that the job market is thriving, so relocating here should be an easy transition.  

And Perhaps The Best Reason? An Affordable Housing Market!

  A home is one of the biggest investments you’ll purchase in your life, so knowing where to find affordable housing is key. Location also plays a big role in the cost of a home and with the prime location of Wilmington it may seem home prices would be outrageous. However, when compared to other coastal towns and cities in the US it’s very reasonable for what you get. Remember too that the cost of living overall is low and what you can afford will be based on your income which is currently around $70,000 on average.  

Contact Dream Finders Today!

At Dream Finders, we offer some of the best new home communities near Wilmington, NC. A move here means you can take advantage of its low cost of living, sweet southern-style atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and more. Once you’ve made the decision to relocate to this charming town, we have townhomes and single family homes with spacious layouts at a range of prices. You can personalize your Dream home from the ground up or choose among a variety of quick move-in homes. Either way, Dream Finders is here to make your home-buying experience easy and enjoyable. As a national builder, you’ll have endless options for where to move. Browse through our new home communities and contact us when you’re ready!

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