8 Creative Ways to Design Your Home Office

A home office is a versatile space that can be used for a variety of tasks, such as running a business, paying bills, or even just to browse the internet and send emails. It should be more than just a desk and a chair. A home office should reflect your personal style and needs. It should be a place that inspires and motivates you. Here are a few creative ways to design your next home office with Dream Finders Homes.

Plenty of Shelves

This home office features a whole wall of built-in shelves that offer storage for books, office supplies, and even decor. This wall also includes cabinets at the bottom for extra space for storing things you may not want to display. Built-in shelves are a great idea to save space and offer a functional design at the same time. Find this amazing office in the Linden model at Villages of Urbana in Frederick, Maryland.  

Clean Lines

This office makes your eyes focus on the clean, symmetric lines that surround the entire room. The rug, the free-standing shelves, and the wall siding all provide this room with a calm, clear, and comfortable environment. This home office can be found in our Rosewood model at Harbor Concourse in Fernandina Beach, Florida.  

Pop of Color

If you are the type of person who isn’t scared to use color, this home office is perfect for you! This space incorporates pops of bright blue and green to create a fun and energetic area. This type of office is a good idea for anyone in the family, including teenagers. Find this playful space in the Valencia II model in our Rim Rock community of Austin, Texas.  

Built-in Desk

This room doubles as both a home office and a rec room. This space features a built-in desk that allows you to have more space to relax on the couch and watch movies, play board games on the floor, or even do arts and crafts with the kids. Design your next home office like this fun and functional one in our Avalon model in St. Johns, Florida.  

Barn Doors

This home office entrance features a big trend in interior design. Barn doors offer powerful visual appeal in addition to a perfect way to close off an open area. Slide them open for a more inviting room or close them in case you are working hard or have an important business call. According to a recent study, “rustic sliding doors can help a home sell as many as 57 days faster and at a higher price point”. Barn doors create a “craftsman meets farmhouse” design concept in this home and in many others. Create this home office look from our Augusta II model in Jacksonville, Florida.  

Accent Wall

An accent wall can be a perfect way to transform any ordinary space. A dark accent wall like this one, adds presence and depth to an otherwise light room. Go ahead and throw in some dark pieces of furniture or accent pieces like these dark brown chairs to balance out the room as well. Adding just a simple paint color in a room can make the space feel totally different. Consider designing your accent wall based on the focal point of the room. In this case, behind the desk. You too can easily produce a similar look to this office found in our Primrose model in Longmont, Colorado.  


If you love to spend time at the beach, we think a coastal inspired home office is for you. If you want to bring the beach home with you, have an office that incorporates neutral and blue shades throughout the space. A coastal, beachy office can remind you to take it easy, even if you are working. This office features light teal walls and accents along with white built-in shelves and neutral colored furniture. If you want to feel like you’re at the beach, make your home office like this one in our Boca II model in Jacksonville, Florida.  


Shiplap has been a huge trend in many homes in recent years. It can be used to totally transform and add texture to any room. Shiplap can be used in any space in your house, even in your home office. Choosing a natural finish of shiplap creates a rustic yet sophisticated room in your home. Shiplap offers a lot of visual appeal itself so pair it with something simple, like a mirror. This shiplap inspired room is featured in one of our custom homes in Jacksonville, Florida.   Your home office should be a place where your style is put on display for others to see. Working at home should be enjoyable and functional. We hope these 8 design ideas inspire you to create a home office space the fits your lifestyle. Most importantly, create a space where you’ll be glad to spend time in. When you’d like to create your dream office space, we hope you keep us in mind.  

With divisions in Jacksonville, Savannah, Orlando, Hilton Head, Austin, Denver and D.C., we know we can help you design the perfect home office. Call us today to get started on building your dream home.

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