8 of our Favorite Interior Design Trends

Designing your dream home is all in the details. When it come to choosing the right ones, it may not be easy to know exactly what you want, especially when there are so many options out there. We’ve enlisted our very our own Courtney Baur, Dream Finders Homes’ Design Center Manager, to tell us all about interior design trends we can find in upcoming model homes.

Accent Walls

Accent walls are definitely one of our favorite trends because of all the design options. An accent wall is not just limited to a paint color that pops, but can also include shiplap, wall paper or a coat of a rich, dark color like navy blue to stand apart from the room’s other walls. Buyers tend to choose between four and five feature walls throughout the home because “accents tend to soften the look of a house so it’s not so rigid,” Baur said. This accent wall in our Avalon model home in Deerfield Meadows in St. Augustine, FL is a fantastic touch. The walls also allow for accessories like pillows and curtains to stand out in the room. For example, if your wall is navy blue, white curtains might work well. With the opportunity to let personalities shine, wall paper could be a great option as an accent. According to HGTV, you can expect to see “nature-inspired prints and very modern, geometric patterns making rooms more interesting and modern.” If you’re going for a modern approach, wall paper could be the accent for you.

Rich and Bold Colors

There’s no doubt about it: bold colors are back in style. Bright orange, green and even red can really make a statement in a room. Don’t be afraid to pair colors like these with a complementary color from throw pillows or a patterned rug. For example, oranges and corals can match with  green while red goes with black. With the newest model home designs, “We can expect brighter pops of colors with muted bases of gray or white. These trends of bold colors on neutral color palettes make it exciting when you first walk through the door,” Baur said. We can’t wait to see how they turn out! The woven textures trend is evident in both the ceiling and flooring of Avalon II in Orchard Ridge in Austin, TX.

Woven Textures

If you’d like a natural, artisan-like design of baskets in your home, woven textures are gaining popularity, according to The Spruce. “Our upcoming homes can expect to see woven textures as a design choice. The look almost appears like handmade woven baskets,” Baur said. Tung and groove or shiplap on the ceiling walls can instantly provide that artisan appearance for a coastal style home.

Colorful Kitchens

Don’t be mistaken, all-white kitchens are still very popular because their look lets them match with many different styles. “Whether you’re going for a classic, coastal, transitional or farmhouse look, a white kitchen isn’t going out of style,” she said. But, you will notice more neutral colors like gray and blue appearing, according to Houzz. Warm wood tones will also be a choice for a more colorful kitchen and can also be a great touch if you’re going for that coastal look. Choosing a neutral color like gray for a kitchen could be a great middle ground if a couple can’t agree on a particular choice, Baur said. For instance, until 2016, black cabinets were very popular in our homes and occasionally we’ll have someone who wants it but their spouse will want white cabinets. This is a perfect time to suggest a neutral palette, such as grey, as a compromise. This marble counter top in our Heritage Ridge's Fleming model home in Denver, CO is a great example of marble's elegance.

Return of Marble

“With its beautiful gray tones, white Carrera marble has come back as a popular choice among buyers,” Baur said. Its undeniable charm and ability to hide wear-and-tear and light stains, makes it a great option for different decorative styles. Not to mention, it represents luxury and glamour, according to The Spruce. This is especially true when it’s paired with metallic finishes like bronze or rose gold. This look is sure to make your kitchen stand apart.

Minimal Modern Bedrooms

Bold colors may be trending, but not when it comes to bedrooms. A popular look for master bedrooms tends to be a pared down, minimalist approach that uses neutral colors, according to Houzz. At Dream Finders Homes, modern designs are one of our favorite styles because of the clean lines, geometric patterns, wood tones and black and whites, Baur said. If you’re looking for a minimal and casual space to relax, the modern design style might be a great fit. Our Preserve at St. Johns Montauk II model home in St. Johns, FL has incredible metallic fixtures that add luxury to this small bathroom.


You might’ve thought that metallics were left behind many years ago as an accent choice. But, this finish is still relevant today. Whether you choose gold, brass or copper finishes, its appearance can’t help but make your home feel that much more extravagant. You can find appealing gold fixtures in our Montauk II model home in Preserve at St. Johns. Our Wilmington model home in Orlando's Oakland Park has wood-like tiles throughout the home.

Wood-like Tiles

When it comes to tiles, you have so many choices to make your home look its best. “Buyers especially love tiles that look like wood,” Baur said. This trend can be a great selection because compared to real hardwood floors, it’s scratch resistant and essentially waterproof. There’s no need to worry about refinishing them and you can easily find the wash or stain you’d prefer to match the rest of your home. When it comes to your dream home, we want you to love what you choose. These interior design trends can definitely point you in the right direction in deciding your home’s little details. But before you come to your design appointment for your new home, go ahead and look on Pinterest and Houzz for ideas. This way, you can know what style you’re leaning towards and during your appointment, we can find the right products like cabinets and countertops to match. No matter your choices, we know your dream home is that much closer to becoming a reality. When you’d like to start building in Jacksonville, Savannah, Orlando, Austin, Hilton Head, Denver or D.C., we’ll hope you keep us in mind. We can’t wait to work with you!

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