A Guide to the Top Employers in Longmont

Boulder County, CO is one of the most beautiful places on earth. You have the views of The Flatirons, Twin Peaks, and Longs Peak, along with some of the best weather in the nation.   If you're looking to move to this paradise, Longmont and its surrounding areas are still some of the most affordable choices around. The average Longmont home costs around $600,000, while you'll be hard-pressed to find something under a million in nearby Boulder.   Need a job before you get a mortgage? We've compiled a list of the top employers in Longmont. See where you could lend your talent, below.  

Employers in Longmont

  The University of Colorado | UC Health   The University of Colorado sits just twenty or so miles away in the middle of Boulder. It employs thousands of people all over Colorado, with its far-reaching health systems. If you're looking to move to Longmont and work in the health sector, start your job search there.   Many people commute into Boulder from Longmont, but there are in-town UC Health opportunities too. UC Health Longs Peak Hospital is just steps away from our Longmont community and is one of the top employers in Longmont.   IBM & Lockheed Martin    On the west side of Longmont lies IBM's campus. It's right along Highway 119, better known as "the diagonal." The tech industry is booming right now, and IBM employs a large percentage of both Longmont and Boulder's populations. Not only does IBM offer great employment, but its campus also has a beautiful view of the mountains. Lockheed Martin Space also has employment opportunities in the Longmont area, with plenty of openings for programmers, designers and engineers.    The Beer Industry   If there's one thing our part of Colorado knows about, it's beer. Longmont has its own set of big-name and small-scale breweries, including Miller, Coors, and Left Hand Brewing Company. Nearby Fort Collins (a long, but not unreasonable commute) has the national factories for New Belgium and Odell, among others. Don't count out local breweries when it comes to employment: they need help, too. If you love beer, these are the best employers in Longmont to work for!   Factory and Warehouse Jobs   When you think of Colorado, you don't necessarily think of factories and warehouses. However, there are hundreds of companies that are proud to stamp their products with "Made in Colorado." One of the biggest companies near Longmont is Otterbox. Yes, the phone case (and more!) maker. Like jam? You could work for Smuckers! Beer factories (see above) need line workers, too. Additionally, the Crocs factory is in nearby Broomfield, Nite Ize is in Boulder, and Amazon jobs are popping up all over the place.   City and Teaching Jobs   Colorado voters have consistently shown that they value their government workers. The City of Longmont and St. Vrain School District are both Longmont employers that pay more than average. You could help make Longmont a better place to live for yourself and everyone else!   The only question left is, which of these Longmont employers will you say yes to?   Once you've found employers in Longmont you want to work with, the next step is finding a nearby place to call home. Browse your options now!

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