Featured Community: Geos in Arvada, CO

Featured Community: Geos in Arvada, CO

Dream Finders Homes is proud to build homes designed for the future. Across 8 states and over 100 communities, our homes include superior-quality materials, unique designs, and highly energy-efficient features. No matter where we build, we want to ensure your home is comfortable and safe. We also want to be an advocate for the environment and develop more sustainable housing.   Sustainable housing is the way of building houses that incorporate elements of sustainability. This includes reducing waste and energy use while promoting recycling and reducing overall environmental impact. It also helps lower the homeowner’s carbon footprint by eliminating the need for fossil fuel energy. Things like built-in renewable energy, battery power storage, water-saving and recycling systems, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions from building materials are a few ways we can move towards sustainable housing.   Dream Finders Homes is excited to partner at The Geos Neighborhood in beautiful Arvada, CO, and continue building a better future for all.  

What Are the Advantages of Sustainable Housing?


Increases Indoor Air Quality

The air quality in a home is based on the types of materials used to build it. A sustainably built home includes better quality materials with low or no Volatile Organic Compounds. The paints, cleaners, adhesives, and sealants give off fewer chemical emissions. This along with purer ventilation systems allow you and your family to breathe easier, especially those with respiratory conditions such as asthma and indoor allergies.  

Overall Better Health

Sustainable homes are better for your overall health Living in a sustainable home can increase your overall health. As mentioned, the materials used allow for better air quality and lower the risk of inhaling toxic chemicals. These homes are also built with high-quality insulation, windows, and doors that make your home comfortable year-round. No more worrying about unstable temperatures and pesky drafts. You can also enjoy the added benefit of a lower utility bill since your HVAC system won’t have to run as frequently. A comfortable home with a harmonious design and reduced costs can reduce stress and contribute to a happier and healthier life.  

Low Maintenance and Operating Costs

Speaking of reduced costs, electric and water bills are typically the highest cost for homeowners. However, sustainable homes are based on the efficient use of water and energy cutting down on these costs. By using a few options like task lighting strategy, enhanced daylight, solar heating, and environmentally-friendly lighting, these homes help reduce the amount of power used in lighting systems and save money. Using less energy and water is one of the many ways a sustainable home can reduce your overall operating and maintenance costs.  

A Longer Lasting Home

the benefits of sustainable homes Sustainable housing means they’re “sustainable.” From the process of how it’s built to the materials used, it is built to be long-lasting. The materials are environmentally-friendly and long-lasting and the process generates little waste without compromising the quality of the home. This is done by designing the homes in a way that requires fewer materials, less water, raw materials, and energy while also recycling and reusing some products. The durability of these homes also allows for long-term cost efficiency and can benefit you financially in the future too due to a higher resale value. Many are looking for more ways to become environmentally conscious and prefer homes with “green” features. Along with state and federal tax credits for energy efficiency in homes, they’ll last longer and save you money.  

Better for the Environment

The main purpose of sustainable home building is to ease the harmful effects standard building can cause on the environment. Not only do they reduce costs for the homeowner, but they reduce the costs involved in using non-renewable resources. Sustainable features that help with energy efficiency and water usage include solar panels, closed foam insulation, low-emissivity windows, efficient plumbing, high-efficiency appliances, and advanced irrigation systems. By minimizing waste and using fewer non-renewable resources, these homes reduce emissions and pollution that have a high impact on the environment.  

Join our Environmentally Friendly and Close-Knit Community!

  At Geos in Arvada, CO, you’ll be welcomed to a beautiful sustainably-minded, close-knit community. It’s a mixed-use community that keeps energy efficiency and human connection at the forefront.   Throughout the community, you’ll find multiple ways that environmental impact is reduced. Along with using energy-efficient materials, the homes are designed with advanced building technology and solar orientation that reduces energy requirements by 75%. Keeping Passive House concepts in mind, Geos homes are positioned to provide maximum solar access. Throughout the year, homes will be kept comfortable with the perfect mix of sunlight and shading. The sun is also utilized for all required electricity through Solar Photovoltaics, a system  that uses air quality sensors to control electric heating and cooling using energy recovery ventilation and heat pumps.   Water conservation is maintained through a storm management system where streetscapes, community greens, and squares are fed by rain and snow melt, and filter urban run-off. There are percolation parks that soak up rain and snow melt and feature amenities, urban agriculture, and wildlife habitat. Geos includes sustainable walkways with permeable paving for water infiltration. Saved water is used throughout the community in the many lush green spaces and gardens. Homes for sale at geos in arvada, co Geos was also designed with the vision to foster a close-knit community through tons of amenities, gathering spaces, and shared facilities. Residents can enjoy a walkable lifestyle with tree-lined sidewalks, town squares, and green spaces. Many gardens and composting areas are located conveniently throughout the community for residents to enjoy healthy living to the fullest. Families with children can connect and socialize in one of the playgrounds or local recreation centers. The location of this community offers easy access to more amenities outside the community while minimizing auto travel, fossil fuel emissions, and stressful traffic conditions.    Shopping, dining, entertainment, schools, health and beauty care, financial services, and more can be found within and around the community within a short distance. Geos offers a better way for neighbors to connect while reducing their environmental footprint.  

Find Your Home at Geos in Arvada, Colorado

  A high-quality life awaits you in a beautiful home located in Arvada, Colorado. Dream Finders is offering sustainable single-family homes and townhomes in this amazing community where you and your neighbors can live, work, play, raise kids, grow food, and grow old together!  We have an array of floor plans and homes already in construction that will add value to your and your family’s lives for years to come. Get connected with one of our Online Sales Associates to learn more about Geos and our homes here.

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