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Fireplace Design Ideas for Your New Home

It’s cold outside… but it’s warm and cozy by the fireplace in a new Dream Finders home. There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with a warm drink by the crackling fire — and that’s why we want you to decide what vibe your fireplace gives off. In this article, we take a closer look at the three main elements of fireplace design: style, materials, and function.   


  There are two main directions to consider when it comes to designing the hearth of your home, and that’s traditional and modern.    Traditional Design: Classic, comforting, and familiar, this traditional fireplace design will never go out of style, especially in a large living room that’s prime for gathering.    Modern Design: A fireplace is a timeless element of home decor, but why not update the look to be contemporary and sleek? Modern fireplace design creates the perfect bridge between “old and new” and is just as functional.



  Once you’ve decided which direction you’re headed in, the fun really begins. In the design process, you can style your fireplace to match the look and feel of the rest of your home. Choose from a variety of tile or brick surrounds, to complete the look.   If you can’t decide, no problem! Our interior designers can point you in the right direction once they understand the concept you’re going for.   When it comes to the mantle, while most fireplaces have that distinct shelf or framing, you certainly don’t have to go by the book. Choose a sleek, minimalist look with no mantle, or add a solid wood one that can be painted and stained so that you can display your favorite photos or collectibles.     Blog1 42


Form & Function

  While we know the primary function of a fireplace is to keep our toes toasty, there are several variations in how to accomplish that.   Traditional Gas Fireplace: Traditional gas fireplaces are safe, easy to operate and give off the cozy, home-y vibes you know and love without burning actual wood. With the simulated flame and ceramic logs, it looks and feels like the hearths of yore.    Linear Fireplace: If you enjoy a modern look and feel, you’re going to love a linear fireplace. This gas-burning option is rectangular in shape and can be set flush in the wall at any height, which means you have more flexibility with placement. Simple and chic, this fireplace pairs well with any contemporary decor.   At Dream Finders Homes, we believe in the power of a great fireplace… because nothing feels more like home than gathering around and enjoying quality time together. When you choose to build with us, the details of your home are entirely up to you — and we’re excited for you to choose the fireplace that fits your style best!  

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