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Getting Ready to Close on Your New Home: What to Expect

Here at Dream Finders Homes, we know that one of the most exciting times of buying a new home is when closing day is near! There are so many wonderful things happening as we put the final touches on your new home in one of our beautiful communities across the country.   With so many moving parts, we also know this time can be a bit overwhelming, so we have created a simple, streamlined closing process that will take you right up to the big day. Plus, we’ll send weekly construction updates so that you never have to guess what’s happening. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect:  

6 Weeks from Closing Day

  At this point, construction of your new home is nearly complete! Right before we put up the drywall, you’ll have an opportunity to walk the home with your superintendent to ensure everything is as expected. From here, we will install drywall, cabinets and fixtures, then we’ll paint and put on final touches like outlet covers and cabinet hardware.    Next we will connect your utilities and reach out to all county and city agencies for final inspection and to get the home’s Certificate of Occupancy.    If necessary, now is the time to reach out to your lender and settlement agent to make sure things are in order with your loan. (For more information about new home financing, please read our recent article, Your Top Mortgage Questions Answered.)   

30 Days from Closing

  You're getting closer to closing day! Now you can start planning your closing day, scheduling movers, and checking items off your checklist. Your closing coordinator will reach out to confirm the dates for your New Home Orientation and closing date.  

1 Week from Closing Day

  It’s almost here! You will have your New Home Orientation with your superintendent, during which you'll learn everything about your home — how systems and appliances work, where the shut-off valves are, and everything in between. We'll take as long as you need to ask questions and completely understand all the features and details of your home.    During this week you should also confirm that things are set with your movers, transfer your utilities, and ensure your financing is finalized.    Blog3 Home  

Closing Day

  The big day is finally here! You'll have your final courtesy walk, close on your new home, then we will happily hand over the keys! What an amazing feeling to open the door of a new home that's been built and personalized just for you. Welcome to your dream home — the wait was worth it!

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