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Here’s Why So Many People Are Moving to Denver, CO

High in the mountains but completely down to Earth, Denver is a unique city with a lot of appeal. From it’s booming economy growth and great schools to its gorgeous natural landscapes and cultural attractions, there’s something for everyone. If you’re one of the approximately 50,000 people who are considering moving to Denver this year, you’ve made a great choice. Here are five of the many reasons why so many people are relocating to Denver, CO.  

Benefits of Moving to Denver, CO


Diverse Economy

  The Mile High City is on an economic high, with a number of diverse industries buoying the job market and providing plenty of opportunities to its nearly 3 millions residents in the greater metro area. Aerospace, defense, biotech, healthcare, finance, and hospitality make up the major industry sectors, with research opportunities at several top-notch universities.   

Higher (Standard of) Education

Colorado is known for some of the best education opportunities in the country, many of them right here in the Denver metro area. Seventy-five of Denver's public high schools are recognized on U.S. News & World Report's Best High Schools rankings, and the area is host to over 200 private schools, giving parents great options to give their kids a solid educational foundation. For those seeking high education options, The University of Colorado and The University of Denver are both top research universities, and there are several more colleges and universities to choose from.   outdoor activities in denver co  

Active Outdoor Lifestyle

  Healthy outdoor fun just doesn't get any better than in Denver. In fact, access to the Great Outdoors in any season is what attracts quite a few new residents to Denver every year. The same mountains that offer endless skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and sledding in the winter play host to hikers, mountain bikers, birdwatchers, horseback riders, and more in the summer. And of course, there are the rivers. From thrilling whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River, to a relaxing day of kayaking at Confluence Park, there are endless ways to get out and enjoy the water on any one of the 300 days of Denver sunshine.  

Arts and Culture

  Denver is definitely not a cookie-cutter city. With plenty of festivals, museums, performances, and cool people in general, there's plenty of interesting arts and culture to absorb. You can catch entertainment's biggest stars under the stars at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, see stunning exhibits along with permanent art collections at The Denver Art Museum, or enjoy a Broadway show on Friday and a local theatre production on Saturday at the Denver Center for Performing Arts And that just scratches the surface of Denver places to be inspired and delighted.   

Places to Visit

  Denver proper is an amazing city, but many of the surrounding towns are exceptional in their own right. Fort Collins (link to blog post) is for the cool and relaxed, Aurora is known as the Gateway to the Rockies, and Littleton's historic downtown is alive with art galleries and boutiques.  If you're interested in relocating to the Denver area, you can't go wrong. Dream Finders Homes builds new homes throughout Denver in amenity-rich communities in desirable locations. Contact us for relocation tips and to learn about the benefits of buying new (and living!) in Denver.

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