How Is The Job Market in Austin, Texas?

How Is The Job Market in Austin, Texas?

Located in the heart of Texas, Austin is known for offering residents an exceptional quality of life. Many choose to move here for the vibrant atmosphere, natural beauty, cultural attractions, and much more. One of the biggest reasons, however, is the thriving economy. It has long been and continues to be a hotspot for job seekers and professionals looking to further their careers. The Austin job market is buzzing with opportunities, and combined with its other positive qualities, it’s a one-of-a-kind area that checks all the boxes for a great place to call home. Read on to learn about some of the top companies in Austin and why you should consider working and living here.

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The Top 10 Employers in Austin, TX

1. H-E-B

H-E-B is a grocery store giant in the retail industry, providing an array of services and products to the community. Since its establishment in Austin in 1938, it has held strong values appreciated by the 22,000+ employees and even more by the customers it helps.

2. Ascension Texas

As part of the healthcare industry, Ascension Texas provides jobs to thousands of people. Not only that, this non-profit organization is known for helping persons living in poverty and vulnerable communities. Its services include cardiology, orthopedics, OB/GYN, neurology, and more.

3. Dell Technologies Inc.

Dell Technologies Inc. is a widely known company in the consumer electronics/technology industry. Offering services and products related to information technology, computers, and software, this company employs 13,000 people.

4. Tesla Inc.

Tesla Inc. is a newcomer to the Austin market, having been established here since 2021. Working with thousands of employees in manufacturing, renewables, and environment industries, it offers electric vehicles as well as solar panels and grid-scale battery storage solutions.

5. St. David’s Healthcare

St. David’s Healthcare is one of the largest health systems in Texas. It employs 11,000+ employees and offers all major specialties as part of its services in the hospital and healthcare industry. More than that, St. David’s works to give back to the community through classes, events, seminars, and charitable donations.

6. Amazon

Amazon was established in Austin in 2015. This huge online retailer offers a plethora of products sent through multiple distribution centers in the area. It also has jobs located at The Domain.

7. Walmart Inc.

Another huge retailer with opportunities for employment in Austin is Walmart Inc. Specializing in discount retail stores for consumer goods and groceries, you can find a good job along with the other 7,000+ employees.

8. Apple Inc.

As part of the consumer electronics and technology industry, Apple Inc. supplies everything from phones and computers to third-party digital content and apps and all things technology-related.

9. IBM Corp.

IBM Corp. is another large technology company. It was established in Austin in 1967. It’s known for its services and products in IT infrastructure, consulting, hardware/software, microelectronics, and research.

10. Accenture PLC

As of 2023, Accenture PLC employs over 5,000 people, offering employment in the information technology and management consulting industries.

Should I Begin My Career in Austin?

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Want to start a new career, continue in your current path, or change careers altogether? The Austin job market has many opportunities in a wide range of industries. The top employers in Austin, TX cover everything from healthcare, wellness and fitness, and automotive to engineering, real estate, and hospitality. As part of a study conducted by Bankrate, Austin is the #1 place to launch a career. “The list ranks five southern cities in the Top 10, citing Austin as offering the best balance between work and play.” With all of the positive qualities the Austin area has to offer, it’s no surprise that you’ll find a fulfilling career and a great place to call home all in one place.

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Not only does Austin provide jobs in multiple industries, but many are continually growing. The rise of the technology industry here has been incredible, with jobs available among leading companies like Apple and Tesla. The life sciences industry has also shown huge growth. The two have come together to improve the healthcare industry including working on medical devices and diagnostics, biologics and biotech, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Austin has a highly educated population that furthers the growth of its economy by bringing in a pool of recruiting talent that enhances the existing employers. Students are well-prepared by an abundance of top-quality school districts and universities. Graduating students will have no issues finding jobs in Austin that align with their chosen educational path. It doesn’t hurt that Austin is an overall great place to live!

From its low cost of living (including the cost of doing business) to its famous music scene and outdoor activities, Austin has all of the ingredients for an incredible work-life balance. The unique blend of bustling city life, calming natural beauty, and cultural diversity gives way to a lifestyle many will enjoy. Young professionals just joining the job market to relocators carving a new career path and everyone in between should rank the Austin area high on their list of places to live, work, and play.


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