Our Go-to Storage Tips for Any Closet

Have you ever been overwhelmed by a disorganized and messy closet? Starting your morning routine off right can be difficult enough without having to rummage through disarray to pick out your outfit. So, we put together our go-to closet storage tips to not only maximize your closet space, but keep it organized all year long.

Use The Wall

Towel Bar When space is valuable within a closet, don’t be afraid to take advantage of the wall. Attach a towel bar to unused wall space to always keep your favorite accessories like scarves easily within reach while neatly keeping them on display.   Open Shelves Another great option for utilizing open walls is to Install open shelving to help you stay organized with your favorite shoes, folded clothes or accessories. When the shelves fill up, don’t forget to use the underside for hooks or rails.This way none of the space is wasted and your items aren’t hidden away.   Modular Shelves Your personal style should come through no matter what project you tackle including organizing your closet space. If you have a modern taste, modular cube shelves can be a great way to arrange your items while making a statement.   Shelf Dividers Sometimes it’s best not to hang up certain clothes like sweaters so they don’t lose their shape. Try adding shelf dividers on top on your traditional closet shelves when you still want to wear your folded clothes and within reach. These helpful organizers easily keep items separated while keeping them from falling over, according to House Beautiful.  

Create Organized Space

Drawers Building your own storage space can be a perfect option in organizing your closet. Make sure your accessories always have a safe space by installing some built-in drawers.   Baskets Wicker baskets can be a great choice in keeping your items properly stored away while adding style to your closet. All you have to do is line the baskets up on an open shelf with your favorite sandals or handbags. Baskets can also be great for keeping items such as scarves nice and organized.   Add a Closet Bar Double your closet space by adding a closet bar system. If you choose one with hooks, not only will you get to hang more clothes but add purses or belts, too!   Hanging Shoe Rack Add a hanging shoe rack to the back of your closet door to maximize every inch of your closet while staying organized. Now, your shoes can easily be stored out of sight while giving you valuable space for other items.   Brackets Another way to maximize your closet space is by installing shelf brackets along the wall instead of traditional closet shelves. “Instead of using brackets to hold up a shelf, flip them over and use the rails to add more hanger space in your closet,” according to House Beautiful.   Curtain Clips Have you ever thought of hanging your pants with curtain clips? This fun idea can help save space by just clipping folded jeans instead of regular hangers.  

Closet Storage Tips on How to Stay Organized

Sort Your Clothing Stay organized with your closet by sorting your clothing by type, color and season, according to HGTV. By sorting your clothes by type and color, you’ll be able to easily pick out what to wear. And, by storing out-of-season clothes, you’ll be freeing up some much-needed space!   Designate Space Create a designated space within your closet for each type of clothing. This way, you’ll save time when deciding on your next outfit because you’ll always know where everything is.   Stagger Shoes If you’d rather not place your shoes on a shoe rack, try staggering them to save space. By placing each pair of shoes’ heel and toe opposite of each other, you’ll find you can fit a lot more shoes in the same space.   Donate Clothes Do you own clothes that you just don’t wear anymore? Turns out you’re not alone. “The average American only wears 10 to 20 percent of their clothes,” according to HGTV. Make some room in your closet by donating what you haven’t worn within the last year. Your closet will be freer and you’ll feel great about helping someone in need.   It’s not easy tackling a disorganized closet, especially when you’ve just moved into a new home. Don’t lose hope. With these storage tips, we’re sure you’ll be able to get organized in no time and stay that way all year long.

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