The Jacksonville Job Market at a Glance

The Jacksonville Job Market at a Glance

While Jacksonville, Florida is known for its sunshiny weather, low cost of living, and vibrant entertainment scene, another thing to note about this popular city is its job market. When considering a move to a new city or region, one of the key factors you’ll assess is the state of the job market. Fortunately, the Jacksonville job market is continually growing, attracting even more businesses and residents (an average of 84 new residents per day). Read on for more about the Jacksonville, FL economy along with some top industries and companies worth checking out.

How Is The Jacksonville, FL Economy?

Jacksonville was ranked 3rd hottest job market in the US by the Wall Street Journal in 2023. The unemployment rate, job growth, labor-force participation rate, wage growth, and labor-force growth were considered factors in this ranking.

Historically, the city’s main industries were in logistics and transportation, however, finance, healthcare, and technology have emerged as top options. The city has taken great strides to boost its economy. There’s been a big investment in infrastructure and providing an attractive business environment with tax incentives, a streamlined process, and workforce development for potential businesses. 

The success of the city’s economy can also be attributed to its location and education system. It’s a fast-growing city in Northeastern Florida with access to both domestic and international markets. Jacksonville has several top-notch higher education institutions that help supply highly skilled workers.

With a wide variety of industries giving way to Fortune 500 companies & small startups, jobs in Jacksonville, Florida are plentiful.” You can rest assured that if you move here and want to stay on the same career path or make a change, you’ll find a job that suits you. Take a look at some of the top companies in Jacksonville, FL and their respective industries.

Top Industries & Companies

1. Healthcare: Jacksonville boasts a strong healthcare industry with major players like Mayo Clinic (8,450 employees), Baptist Health (12,000 employees), and Florida Blue (5,700 employees) leading the way. The healthcare industry not only provides a multitude of job opportunities but also contributes significantly to the overall economic stability of the region.

2. Finance & Insurance: With companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Fidelity Investments having a notable presence in Jacksonville, the finance and insurance industries offer a range of career paths from banking and investment to insurance and risk management.

3. Logistics & Transportation: Given its strategic location along the coast and access to major highways and ports, this city is a hub for logistics and transportation companies. Companies like CSX Corporation and Crowley Maritime play key roles in this industry, offering employment opportunities in supply chain management, logistics coordination, and more.

4. Technology: Jacksonville's tech scene is also on the rise, with companies like Newfold Digital and Availity driving innovation in web technology and healthcare IT respectively. As technology continues to evolve, so do the job prospects in areas such as software development, cybersecurity, and data analytics.

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