The Ultimate 7 Design Trends to Watch for in 2019

By Sammi Foss With every New Year comes the start of new goals and resolutions. Often, the need to declutter or redesign your home is among the top on the list. 2018 was the year of technology and smart home gadgets bombarding your space. Yet, in 2019 we are seeing vintage design trends emerging in homes. Ranging from curved furniture, once popular in the 60s, to funky boho textures from the 70s, these interior design styles are appreciated once more. We’ve compiled our top 7 favorite interior design trends of 2019 for you to enjoy and hopefully spark an interior design overhaul of your home!
Natural Elements
In 2019 we will be seeing a shift to more decorators picking décor from small businesses, and home trends will be shifting from tech world to a more natural design. We see this shift through the use of artisanal light fixtures, products typically made in small batches, that will add a touch of personality to your home. On top of these handcrafted light fixtures you can refresh your space by bringing in natural beauty in the form of plants. Adding botanicals to your space is an easy and cost-effective way to shift to this new natural trend we anticipate seeing in 2019. Another great and easy way to transform your home to reflect this new year trend is to incorporate more natural sunlight. Switching out your dark heavy curtains for sheer white drapes will bring in more light to any room and provide a refreshing modern look.
Copper and Concrete Accents
To go along with the natural vibes of 2019, we will be seeing more people gravitate toward copper accents. The earthy hue will be a much-needed change from the rose gold décor that dominated 2018. Use these metallic accents sparingly, and don’t be afraid to mix metals. In 2019 we see a huge shift from cool metals such as steel to warmer metals such as brass and copper. Not only will we see a touch of copper but we are also likely to see concrete making its way into homes. Concrete provides a clean, crisp look that will revitalize your home design in the new year. Another popular design trend we foresee this year is the use of concrete tiles as flooring in homes. This will bring you back to the basics and go along with our natural elements of 2019.
Richer Color Palettes
As the new year starts, everyone is making their New Year’s Resolutions like decluttering and starting fresh with their homes. A good way to refresh your mind is to refresh your space. An easy, cost-effective way to do that is through changing a paint color in your kitchen, bedroom or living room. In 2019 we are seeing a shift to bolder color choices and palettes for rooms in your home. These richer hues are preferred because they help highlight your softened furniture and décor. For example, the color of the year by Décor Aid is Nightwatch green, a moodier combination of both hunter and bottle green. We love pairing this was matte black, copper and brass finishes.
Geometric Patterns
While this isn’t a new idea or interior design trend, in 2019 we will see it used more boldly. Geometric Patterns will be seen in a variety of bold ways including walls of oversized livid blue tile showers to chevron patterned kitchen backsplashes. Although, if these massive geometric patterns are not your style, try to add patterned throws, pillows or picture frames. Whether you go bold or play it safe, the popularity of geometric patterns stems from the warmth and boldness they bring to the most minimalist of rooms. One of our favorite design trends coming back is the use of vintage pendants and sconces."
Vintage Lighting
One of our favorite trends coming back is the use of vintage pendants and sconces. The beauty of sconces is that there are so many ways and places you can install them in your home depending on the effect you are trying to create. Between bedside reading to sofa lighting, you can layer light in various rooms in your home with sconce fixtures. Try incorporating the other trends we are seeing in 2019 such as the use of copper and brass instead of steel by adding a pair of copper finished sconces on each side of your sofa. This look could completely transform the design of your living room!
Bucket Sinks
2019 is the year that we see old interior design trends come back into style and one of our personal favorites is the farmhouse bucket sinks. This vintage sink provides touches of nostalgia and identity to any bathroom or kitchen in your home.
Canopy Beds
A new design trend for 2019 is the use of updated versions of canopy beds. These beds have made a comeback in the design world over the last few years, partly because they are typically seen in luxury hotel rooms around the world. Not only do canopy beds provide a touch of luxury and comfort, but they also are great pieces to create a new focal point in your bedroom. Many people want to declutter and redesign their space and a great way to do that going into 2019 is to create a new focal point in bedrooms throughout your home. We think a canopy bed could accomplish just that for you! Every new year features interior design changes with few trends never going out of style like the ones mentioned above. If you’re looking to refresh your space, add a few of these latest trends into your home’s design. We’re sure you’ll love it. And, if you’d like to start your home’s design from scratch, we’d love to build a new home for you. With divisions in Jacksonville, Hilton Head, Savannah, Orlando, Northern Virginia, Maryland, Austin and Denver, we can build a home to fit your lifestyle. Contact us today!

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