Top Reasons to Move to Lake Nona

Only a few years back, the US Tennis Association decided that Lake Nona would be the new US headquarters for the sport. The decision found plenty of support, including tax incentives from the state and county, along with an affordable lease for the land.   The USTA headquarters, the largest of its kind in the world, isn't the only thing making it more attractive to move to Lake Nona, though. There are plenty of reasons to move there. If you're considering a move to Florida in the near future, consider Lake Nona as an option and read ahead for more information!  

Top Rated Schools

  Lake Nona has some of the best schools in Orlando. It's ranked 11th in Orlando for Metro Area High Schools and 6th for Orange County Public High Schools. It also boasts a near 100% graduation rate, a factor that draws in plenty of ambitious families. And that's just for grades 9 to 12.   The state universities, including the University of Florida, the University of Miami, and Florida State University, are among the top 60 universities in the country. This has a direct and positive impact on government funding for public schools, and otherwise, in the state and counties.  

Great Community

  Lake Nona boasts an amazing sense of community, one of the most important reasons to move there. There’s something for everyone… 40% preserved green space, autonomous shuttles known as "Beep", and family-friendly nightlife. Community events on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis feature open-air concerts, local cuisine, unique food trucks, and various film events.   The medical infrastructure in Lake Nona also stands out. It's a feature that makes it easy for residents to access high-quality healthcare. It's home to "Medical City," with leading hospitals and research facilities.   Growth in Lake Nona is climbing exponentially. Some areas, like Summerdale Park and Laureate Park, are expanding quickly thanks to the great location and family-friendly dynamic. It stands out, though, for its wide variety of amazing shopping and dining spots.  

Incredible Parks

  Orange County's largest park resides in Lake Nona. It's known as Moss Park and has a wide variety of features and activities for visitors to enjoy. This includes animals like rabbits, deer, and herons, which are all very friendly to visitors. It's far from a restricted nature reserve, though, and has many pavilions that offer barbecue menu options. There are other parks in the area, including Lakefront Park, Crescent Park, and Cypress Grove Park. The best spot to take the kids, though, is definitely Laureate Park.  

Moving to Lake Nona

  Lake Nona is considered a dream spot for many families looking for a relatively quiet place to settle down, with all of the features that come with living in a big city. It's an area that's strongly connected with nature while implementing modern technology like autonomous vehicles.   More importantly, perhaps, Lake Nona has some of the most highly esteemed educational institutions in the country, and is home to incredible medical institutions. The result is an amazing place to call home for any family.   Reach out if you're considering making Lake Nona your new home. 

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