5 Quick Design Tips to Get that Model Home Look

When it comes to designing your dream home, it can sometimes seem impossible to get that “model home” look. Have you ever wondered what makes model homes have that inviting, open and airy feel that everyone wants to gather around? We decided to consult one of our favorite interior designers, Jennifer Hardy, Founder of Inhabit Interiors, for her perspective. With her quick design tips, we’re sure you’ll easily be able to create that coveted model home look in no time.
Pick a cohesive color palette.
Choose two key accent colors for your home’s décor like area rugs, accent pillows and accessories. The first step to easily getting that model home look throughout your home is choosing a cohesive color palette. Start with a neutral tone for your primary furniture pieces. Then, you can choose two key accent colors for your home’s décor like area rugs, accent pillows and accessories. Don’t be afraid to mix your patterns and textures with these accent colors to add plenty of visual interest. These steps will make your rooms appear larger and airier since your eye isn’t darting among an array of different colors.
Choose purposeful home décor.
It’s sometimes thought that maintaining that model home look is just not possible for everyday life. But, Jennifer disagrees. “A model is just a well-curated home. Of course, you can have a beautiful kitchen, bathroom and family room,” she said. “Since you’re going to be living in those spaces, the level of curation is up to you.” For example, she mentioned that it’s perfectly reasonable to have items out and accessible on kitchen counters instead of perfectly cleared out. When it comes to those items, “Why not corral them in matching containers?” It doesn’t have to be costly. Target has some great options for beautiful wood fruit bowls and matching trays which could get those items looking great in no time. And, if you have your kids’ toys everywhere, Jennifer has a practical solution, too. “A slew of matching seagrass baskets on the bottom shelf of your console or in the shelves of your built-ins can have your family room looking model ready in five minutes.”
Stick with the classics and go small with trends.
Many times, model homes will showcase a lot of current trends to display potential options for homebuyers, but classic styles, such as pairing navy blue and white, are a timeless favorite for designers and homeowners alike. So, which style should you pick when designing your home? Jennifer has a great compromise. “We believe classics are greater than trends, so always invest in classics. But, if you’re craving a trend, try it on a small scale and on a small budget.” Jennifer said. So, if you’re loving trends like adding woven textures throughout your home, it might be best to focus on accessories like area rugs or baskets. This way, you can still have the trend within your home’s design, but it can easily be switched out when you want to try something new.
Don’t be afraid to go bold.
One of Jennifer’s favorite parts about designing projects for her clients is the materials selections process. She loves putting together combinations that others may not see but are fascinated by once they’re installed. A project she loved working on with Dream Finders Homes was the 2017 Stadium Home, a first-of-its-kind hospitality show home built at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, FL. One of the bathroom tile selections in the Stadium home were deemed worrisome at first because of the choice of a black marble for both the floors and walls. Yet, once it was installed, everyone just swooned over its luxurious appearance. In this modern home, Jennifer’s team enjoyed diving in to some amazing kitchen and bath design and material selections. But, as they first began choosing their selections for one of the bathrooms, their choice of a black marble for both the floors and walls was deemed worrisome. Yet, once it was installed, everyone just swooned over its luxurious appearance. This is why she encourages clients to go bold if they love a certain design, but are unsure whether to go for it. As you can see, designing your home to have that gorgeous model home look doesn’t have to be impossible. With these quick design tips, you’ll be able to create that open and inviting space that everyone craves. And, if you’d like to start building your dream home to create this model home look from scratch, contact us today. We can’t wait to get started.

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