5 Reasons to Love Living in Pinehurst, NC

5 Reasons to Love Living in Pinehurst, NC

Nestled in the Sandhills of North Carolina and just an hour west of Fayetteville, the Village of Pinehurst stands out for its beautiful landscapes, numerous golf courses, and great character. This is a place to call home if you enjoy the best things in life like fun, leisure, and opportunity. Residents love living in Pinehurst, and after just one visit, we think you will, too. Here are the top 5 reasons to love living in Pinehurst, NC, but we bet that once you’re here, you’ll discover many more!




Pinehurst has been called the “Home of American Golf” and boasts more than 40 courses throughout the region. With its mild year-round weather, lush natural landscapes, and gently rolling hills, golfers of all skill levels flock here to enjoy a day (or several) on the greens. There are plenty of fantastic options, but some of the most popular are Pinehurst No. 2 (which has hosted more single golf championships than any course in America), Pinehurst No. 4, and Pinehurst No. 8, all part of the revered Pinehurst Resort.




Also attributed to the agreeable climate and idyllic landscape, equestrian activities of all kinds are enjoyed and celebrated in Pinehurst. There are horse farms throughout the area where you can ride, compete, take lessons, watch events, purchase, or even board your own animal. 


Quaint Downtown


The Village of Pinehurst has been ranked as the 4th most charming small town in North Carolina, and there are lots of charming small towns in North Carolina! In the historic downtown area, there’s so much to do after a satisfying day of golfing. Take a stroll and discover quaint shops and eateries, or just relax at a spa with a hot stone massage to ease any tired muscles. 


Central Location


Whenever you want to get away for a day or a weekend, there are so many places to explore within a few hours of Pinehurst. The city is located in the middle of the state; to the southeast you have the white sandy beaches of Coastal Carolina, and to the northwest you’ll find the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains. You’re also just 45 minutes from Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, one hour from the state capital of Raleigh, and two hours from the lively city of Charlotte. When you live in Pinehurst, there’s always something to do.




Pinehurst is on the list of the “10 Safest Cities in North Carolina for 2022.” The city has among the lowest levels of crime in the state, and its rates also fall below regional and U.S. averages for property crime. In fact, 99% of residents said their feeling of overall safety was good or excellent. The entire city is proud of the work of the Pinehurst Police Department and each other for maintaining such high safety standards and making Pinehurst such an attractive place to live.