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Decorate Your Front Porch for Fall

Fall has arrived in all its glory, which means the air is crisp, the landscapes are colorful, and neighbors are beginning to feel festive. It's the perfect time to update your front porch with a modern design aesthetic and a few autumnal touches. With just a few adjustments, you can create the coziest room in — or just outside of — the house.   

Decorating Your Front Porch for Fall

  Go for Neutral Colors   While a pop of color is welcome anywhere (hello yellow and orange!), we are moving away from the bright, primary colors typically used for outdoor furniture, pillows, and accessories. To keep your entry clean and modern this fall, go for a more neutral color palette. For added interest, use colors that complement, rather than match, the rest of your home. As you incorporate wreaths, pumpkins, lanterns, or candle holders into your fall porch decor, make sure they’re in line with the rest of the color scheme (spray paint works wonders).   Incorporate Natural Textures   Going along with the neutral theme, incorporate items with natural textures — like terracotta pots and planters or kilim pillows and rugs in earth-toned colors. Raffia furniture — like an end or coffee table — gives the space a cozy look and feel.   Go Bold with Lighting   Lighting is key to creating a dramatic outdoor space. The warm glow of a pretty outdoor chandelier or pendant creates ambiance for entertaining or simply lounging. If a porch fan is a must for summertime heat, in the fall you can incorporate string lights instead, or install a corner-mounted fan to allow space for a central lighting fixture.   Create Multiple Seating Areas    If your porch is large enough, use smaller scale furniture to create multiple seating areas. This allows more people to enjoy your space and have more intimate conversations on chilly fall evenings. You could even create a morning coffee area using a bistro table and chairs, and on the other side of the porch install a swinging bench or settee accompanied by smaller chairs. Add a few thick blankets to throw over laps when the temperatures dip.    Do a DIY Wreath    Do you fall head over heels in love with a seasonal DIY project? You’re going to love making a fall wreath (or several!) for your front door. Scour your local craft store for unique components like pinecones, corn husks, plaid, flowers, birch bark, eucalyptus, puzzle pieces, dried fruit, candy (yes!), and so much more.   Push a Pumpkin Cart    Bar carts may be all the rage inside your home, but pumpkin carts are making their way to the outside! The porch-front bar cart takes on a new look when it’s accented with green oak leaves between beautiful white pumpkins.   Add Lots of Greenery (Faux or Real)   front porch fall decorations florida   Plant life on the front porch can be tricky. You don't want the first impression of your home to be spoiled by that withered fern you forgot to water, and it can be even harder to keep things alive in the cooler months. If you don't have a green thumb, faux planters and hanging plants look just as nice, and no one will notice the difference (from a distance, anyway). Faux olive trees are trending right now, and you can find high-quality ones that look and feel quite realistic.   Your front porch can shine in every season, especially the fall! Treat it like the most important room in the house and you'll love how it elevates your quality of life.    To learn more about designing a new home and creating your own custom front porch, contact us at 888-354-9924 or schedule an appointment.

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