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How Much Does It Cost to Build a New Home in Jacksonville, FL

The short answer is… it depends. Building a brand new home can be one of the most rewarding and smartest choices you could ever make. From picking the floor plan that best fits your family's needs, to selecting interior details that you love, this process is all about you. The last thing you want is to be disappointed that the home you really want is not affordable, or to be frustrated because the selections you chose are over budget. This is why it's important to understand every aspect of what goes into pricing a new home in the Jacksonville market.   There are lots of factors that determine the cost of a new home in Jacksonville — location, the orientation and size of the homesite, the finish level of the home (floors, countertops, cabinets,  etc), permits from the local municipality, and more. Let's dive into the details that can help you make the right choices along the way.  

Cost of Building a Home in Jacksonville

  Budget   New homes in Jacksonville can be built in a variety of sizes and locations, so it's important to first figure out what your budget is. You can start by itemizing your existing debt and expenses, then speaking to a lender about how much mortgage you can afford, and if you need to make any changes to balance your debt-to-income ratio. Your lender will also be able to present all the mortgage options that you qualify for — which may include conventional, FHA, and VA loans — so that you can make the best financial decision.    Area   Just like with any type of real estate, area determines price. Whether new or resale, homes in neighborhoods with more amenities will typically cost more than those without much around. Choosing the right area for your lifestyle will heavily impact the cost you pay to build a new home.    Dream Finders Homes builds new homes in Jacksonville to fit just about any lifestyle. Whether it's the luxury of Anastasia Island, the resort lifestyle of St. John’s, or the convenience of North Jacksonville, we build a variety of housing options in the Jacksonville metro area to fit all budgets.    Floor Plan   Now that you have your area narrowed down, you need to determine the home layout that is going to work best for you. Dream Finders Homes offers a variety of unique floor plans that have been designed for the way people live today. With in-demand features such as dedicated home offices, multi-purpose kitchen islands, and decked out outdoor living spaces, your new home can be built to accommodate any want or need.    Ensuring the floor plan fits your needs both now and in the future is the most important thing to keep in mind as you begin the building process because:   
  • Layout impacts how you live in your home and its usefulness to you 
  • Your home should fit the way you want to live, not the other way around 
  • Layout is the hardest and most expensive thing to change later, if you can at all
  All floor plans have a starting price, but keep in mind that the more customizations you make, the more the home costs because it will take more time and labor to build.   Homesite or Lot   Once you have selected the floor plan for your home, the next step is deciding the type of homesite that you'd like to build on. You'll want to choose a site that fits your lifestyle best — do you need a flat, grassy yard for kids to run? Do you prefer mature trees for privacy or shade? Maybe a smaller lot would work best if you don't want to do much lawn maintenance. Homesites will affect the overall cost of the home depending on where they are located in the community and the topography.    Paperwork   Now that you have your floor plan and homesite that's just perfect for you, it’s time to draw up the paperwork to lock in your price and reserve your new home!   Blog1 Home   Personalization   This is the fun part! Personalization is where you can pick all the finishes for your new home in the Dream Finders Homes Design Studio, including flooring, cabinet style, paint colors, fixtures and hardware, appliances, and more. Some of our communities offer "included features" or “design packages” where our designers have curated a collection of finishes. You just have to choose the package that you like best. Just remember to consult your budget before you begin the selection process, as this is often where customers are faced with higher-than-expected costs. It’s easy to get carried away once you see all the beautiful options! Have a discussion with other decision makers and reference any look books or inspiration photos you've saved so that you have a game plan going into the design process. This will save you time and money.   In summary, the cost of building your new home in Jacksonville is determined by:  
  • Budget
  • Area
  • Floor Plan
  • Homesite or Lot
  • Personalization
  Dream Finders Homes has new home opportunities all throughout the greater Jacksonville area ranging from the low $300s to the $600s. Find the one that’s just right for you! Contact us to find the perfect floor plan and homesite in Atlantic Beach, Fernandina Beach, Jacksonville, Orange Park, Palm Coast, St. Augustine, St. Johns, or Yulee at any budget.

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