Why Jacksonville Is One Of The Top Rated Cities In Florida

Jacksonville, Florida has seen a boom in its population trends, specifically among the millennial generation. In fact, Jacksonville is considered to be the second fastest growing city in the U.S.    Florida can no longer be considered "retirement territory." The Sunshine State is seeing numerous businesses relocating or starting up in various cities. The tax structure here is much more business-friendly. Jacksonville is home to Fidelity Investments, Aetna, Johnson & Johnson, Mayo Clinic, and so much more.    This is only one of the many reasons people are starting to settle in one of the best places to live in Florida   What else is attracting the flocks of folks towards this southeast haven? Read on to find out!  

Economical Reasons

  Keeping up with a population boom can be a burden on a city. Prices tend to skyrocket when employers are unable to keep up with rising living costs. But Florida has a strong economy with plenty of jobs that keep up with the city's costs.    The city's unemployment rate is well below the national average, and job growth is predicted to rise 44 percent in the next ten years.    While staying below the average cost of living in both Orlando and Miami, Jacksonville also offers similar attractions. The beaches are nearby, the weather is beautiful, and the city is home to delicious restaurants and various shops.   Not to mention the proximity to southern hub-spots like Orlando, Savannah, Hilton Head, Charleston, and Atlanta. Weekend trips have never been so easy!   

Building a Home in Jacksonville

  The best part about moving to Jacksonville is the affordability of the housing options. Dream Finders Homes offers property in nearly 20 communities with varying ranges of budgets.    If you want a personalized home building experience, consider building with Dream Finders Homes. This guide will help you determine whether this is a realistic venture for you and your family.    We offer various floor plans in great areas that will fit any budget.   

Lifestyle Reasons

  There are various activities to pursue in Jacksonville—the best being beach-related! With 22 miles of shore, the fun will never end.   You can rent paddleboards and kayaks, take surfing lessons, and scuba the entire coast. If you want something more relaxing, take a boat out onto the water and fish for dinner. Or just lay on our beautiful sandy beaches for some vitamin D.    We're also known for our great weather. The winter months bring mid-60s temperatures, while the summer will reach the high 90s! If you like the year-round sun and the idea of a never-ending summer, Jacksonville is the perfect place for you.   

One of the Best Places to Live in Florida

  We love our city and wish to share its wonders with other like-minded people who love coastal living. You'll never be bored in Jacksonville—there's too much to experience!   If you're considering moving to Jacksonville, we'll help you find the perfect place to live. Contact us to get things rolling!

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